Cost Estimator

Get a Ballpark Estimate of the Cost of Solar for My Home

We frequently get calls from potential customers asking about the cost of installing a photovoltaic system. There are many site-specific variables in this calculation so it is difficult to estimate over the phone. In order to give you a ballpark estimate of the cost of solar, we have developed a simple calculator.

As you look at the content on this page, please remember all of the variables that can influence the cost of your project.

  • The cost of the equipment changes frequently
  • Your project might involve more physical labor such an trenching to bury wires
  • The driving distance between SolShine’s office and your property
  • The cost of heavy equipment rentals and permits
  • Ground-mounted systems are more expensive than roof-mounted systems

When you install solar, you are essentially buy a huge bundle of future electricity. Not only is this great for the environment, but it allows you to lock in the price you will pay. To give you a side-by-side comparison, we look at the potential cost of solar vs. purchasing that same bundle of electricity from AEP based on today’s actually price. Obviously, if AEP increases rates in the future, your savings will be even greater.

Look on your most recent electric bill. You should find your average monthly usage for the last 12 months. Enter that in the box below. The enter the percentage of your current bill you would like to offset using solar.

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