Plan Your Solar Project

Installing solar is a significant investment. The overall cost of the project and the quality of the components matter. The other important factor is selecting the right team to design and install your PV system. When you select a solar installation company, you are not purchasing a product, you are starting a long-term relationship. We want you to know why SolShine Energy stands out among the competition.

SolShine Energy was founded by Rick Brown in 2010. Rick is a licensed Master Electrician and Class A Contractor in the State of Virginia. He is also certified to do PV installations by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). Rick has over 30 years of experience in the electronics engineering industry.

Rick began SolShine as a one-man operation in Floyd County, Virginia. In 2020 he expanded by hiring full-time employees. In 2021 he relocated the company to our current location in Roanoke County, Virginia. Today, SolShine is a company of six employees. We have decided to remain a small, local business so that we can continue to do our work the SolShine way.

Quality. Local. Solar.

We take great pride in being the best local solar installers. Our Google reviews are just a small portion of the positive feedback we have received from customers over the years. It’s true that you maximize profit by doing installations as quickly as possible, but that’s not the SolShine way. Our team will spend the extra day or two on site to make sure that we have installed your PV system to your satisfaction.

Unfortunately, there are some companies in the solar industry who do not follow our example. Some use outside salespeople and high-pressure sales tactics. They often sell you a bigger system than you need. Many of the national and regional companies will sub-contract your installation to an out-of-town crew. Some offer financing options that are loaded with hidden dealer fees. It is also common for them to lower the overall project cost by using inferior quality modules and inverters.

SolShine Energy is local. You are welcome to stop by our office and meet us in person, especially if you bring cookies. We end each installation with a final walk through of your system. This includes showing you how to monitor your PV system online. We also leave you with a personalized owner’s packet that contains all of the important information about your system.

By the time we finish your installation, you will know the SolShine team members on a first name basis. When you have a question or need service, we are a phone call away.