Reduce Your Grid Dependency

SolShine Energy Alternatives is the most experienced solar installer in the greater Roanoke area. SolShine installs commercial and residential solar systems as well as EV chargers, battery backups, and SiteReach’s new micro-grid sustainable power solution. SolShine Energy has been locally owned and operated since 2010.

Introducing the Micro-Grid Power Cube:

On Saturday, September 9, 2023 SolShine Energy Alternatives is co-hosting a product launch with our friends at SiteReach, LLC. The event will be held at The Coves Amphitheater before The Mavericks country music performance.

SiteReach has developed a new sustainable back-up power solution called the micro-grid Power Cube. Micro-grids offer an alternative to whole home generators and traditional battery backups. SolShine Energy was a partner in the design of the micro-grids, and is the only authorized installer in the greater Roanoke area.

To learn more about Power Cubes, visit SiteReach Solutions.